fotograf nunta targu jiu 54 1024x682 - WorkshopsAfter seven years in this wonderful and challenging activity, I decided to share with you everything I learned regarding wedding photography, through a series of one-on-one workshops.

Since every one of us is different, I believe that one-on-one workshops work the best, so you can benefit from my experience a full day and getting the answers to all your questions. We will work together for finding the best ways for you to improve your business.

If you are a photographer looking to improve you brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll schedule a full day that we will spend together. We will talk about what it really takes for you to do, in order to benefit from all the advantages that are out there that can help you in your business, in creating more powerful images, discovering your style and building your personal brand.

Below you can find all the details regarding the workshop and the key-points that will be covered in my one on one workshop:

  • Discovering your personal style, your unique technique that will get you farther than anything else
  • Brand building and ongoing optimization, marketing strategies for discovering your type of client
  • How you should do a shooting session with a couple, how to create a relaxed atmosphere for a great experience during the photo-shoot
  • What happens and what should happen in the wedding day and how to adapt and react to take the pictures that your client expect to get in the end
  • Lighting techniques, how to use the available light in every condition for getting captivating images
  • Image editing and creating a fast and reliable workflow, optimized for the tools that are at your disposal
  • Portfolio review and recommendations for improving your website & social sites

For any questions, pricing and availability, please write me an email at

Thank you for your interest and looking forward to meet you!